Invitation Suite

paying homage to heritage

A captivating ensemble that pays homage to the rich heritage and traditions of India. The suite incorporates a pattern that draws inspiration from ancient motifs, textiles, and art forms, creating a design that exudes elegance and nostalgia.

The centerpiece of the suite is the invitation, which showcases the intricate pattern inspired by the Indian culture.  

Complementing the invitation, the suite includes accompanying pieces such as the E-invite, save-the-date cards, RSVP cards, and additional inserts for event details or accommodations creating a cohesive and visually captivating collection.

The color palette chosen for the suite reflects the traditional hues and tones prevalent in Indian culture. Rich and vibrant colors like deep reds, emerald greens, and luxurious golds are used to evoke a sense of opulence and cultural authenticity.

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